Time now for the Vinyl Cafe Story ExchangeYou know how this works … but if you don’t, here’s how Stuart explained the Story Exchange back in 2003 when it first began:

I loved teaching. I used to teach writing in the Journalism school at Ryerson University in Toronto. One of my favourite assignments was when I asked my students to go out and observe some small thing and write about it. I told them it had to be more than a descriptive passage – something had to happen, something that gave the moment a meaning larger than itself. Some feeling or emotion had to be lurking behind it. I told them if they found such a moment, their story would connect with some universal truth, and their readers would be moved to say that most wonderful of all the words ... yes. Yes, they'll say, that's true. That's true for me. So, the challenge is to write about a moment that you have experienced. There are just two criteria: Your story must be short, and it must be true.

Want to read the stories that others have shared with us? Here is the archive of all of the Story Exchanges that we have read on The Vinyl Cafe. When we started the Story Exchange, it was our hope that together we would create an extraordinary archive – an archive that is a snapshot of our country. Enjoy!

The Vinyl Cafe Story Exchange is also available as a book. In Time Now for the Vinyl Cafe Story Exchange Stuart and his long-time radio producer Jess Milton collected their favourite stories from a decade of their much-loved show.